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NDMAC Systems


Innovative Technologie Company

NDMAC systems accompanies you the whole way through the universe of connected bars: Logistics, distribution and serving of artisanal drinks, marketing campaigns, data management, keg management, all focused on putting the consumer first !

Our portfolio of technical and managerial expertise meant NDMAC Systems could create and run the various establishments under the name “la baleine déshydratée”, based on its patented technologies.

NDMAC Systems is continually innovating, facilitating the interconnection between bar and consumer, soon to encompass modern blockchain technology



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Ours Machines

The machine, developed by NDMAC Systems, is a professional draught machine, connected, mobile & modular. It can house at least 3 PET kegs, without the need for Co2, which can be reused or recycled, meaning a capacity of at least 60L, for 3 taps, a dry cooling unit, POS monitoring and a connected touch-screen tablet.
Our connected machines mix mechanical, refrigeration and IOT technologies in order to supply a fully integrated connected drinks service, ranging from beer to soft drinks and anything in between !
Our tables are adaptable to any location (mobile, fixed, wireless etc.). It couldn’t be easier, simply “plug and play” !

Connected Ecosystem

Our Technology

Over the last few years, NDMAC systems has developed its own interconnected environment to manage different services around the tables set up in its bars across the country

NDMAC systems efficiency and functionalities are based upon the latest software technologies (Native Cloud, Mobile, Blockchain etc.) and hardware in order to deploy secure and functional applications within the world of drink distribution

Our Values


NDMAC Systems is a member of the OneCircle initiative. Slimline KeyKegs are almost entirely recyclable. The different primary materials are separated in order to be reemployed in the making of new kegs. In fact, many elements of the plastic keg are already made from 100% recycled materials

On top of being recyclable, the KeyKeg technology ensures the freshest drink, for the longest time. Its slim design means 25-30% extra cargo compared to traditional metal kegs. This means less deliveries, no more sending empty kegs back, and all in all can lead to transport cost savings by up to 65% !

Online Wallet

Automated payment

NDMAC Systems has created an online wallet for consumers, entirely interconnected to consumption data, allowing quick and easy transactions within the “Baleine Déshydratée” from all sides

The security and safety of these transactions is a primary concern for us here at NDMAC systems. Our vision dictates that Blockchain will soon become a central element of our full proposition

Our team

NDMAC Systems Team

The team is made up of a wide range of strategic skills and experience to continue developing our technology, and our bars, around the world

Creator of the Baleine Déshydratée

NMDAC Systems’ creation portfolio

NDMAC Systems created the connected bars “La Baleine Déshydratée”, where sharing and good times are supplied using a plethora of technologies, offering a seemingly infinite range of choice, where references are constantly changing, whilst allowing the consumer to enjoy the experience in total autonomy

The company offers both web and mobile applications, whether it be for the management team or for the consumer, allowing both parties to access and follow their consumption and statics

The Baleine Déshydratée Quimper

Virtual walk in the heart of the whale


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A word on our founders

Our Founders

Jean François Istin

Neoma Business School / Fachhoschule Reutlingen / Expert Comptable / Ex. Dirigeant Brzasserie Brett

Yves Jacob

Neoma Business School / Middlesex University London / Systèmes électroniques de paiement

Chris Spencer

Neoma Business School / Fachhoschule Reutlingen / Chartered Accountant / Private Equity & Finance

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NDMAC Systems

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Inquiries : support@ndmac-systems.com

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