NDMAC-Systems offers consumers, bars and breweries a new drinking experience !

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NDMAC draft dispenser have everything you need to offers consumers a new experience !


Technical data, consumer information, sales statistics and so are reported to a user-friendly web portal. Everything in The Machine can be configured remotely.


No attendance needed, keg and product recognizement, precise measures of quantities sold and in stock with alarms systems.
Over 69,000 services to thousands of customers.


Plug and serve ! Only 950W - AC power and a RJ-45 cable needed.
No gaz or pipes needed, special Selbach dry cooler included (max 130L/h).
Drinks are served at the ideal temperature.


3 x 20 L. Kegs capacity.
Conpatibility with beer, wine, water, or almost any soft drink.
Marketing aspects such as prices, loyalty programs, promotional schemes.
Full control given to the operator.


With years of experience with bars, breweries and automated transactions, NDMAC-Systems brings you a world of services. Drinks supply, recycling, site animation, consumer programs, transactions and data management, ...
Isn't it the time to take your service into the 21st Century ?

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An eye on the already equiped bars ?

Check out these spots who are already equiped with our draft dispencer.

Ty Reuz

Address: 21 Rue Mathieu Donnart
Open: 18:00 - 01:00

La Maison Jaune

Address: 4 Rue du Stivel
Open: 16:00 - 01:00


Ty Reuz in Brest installed their first 4 Machines in April 2016. After tens of thousands services, they enjoy a steady income and have established their new "concept-bar" as one of the City's references. They offer consumers a unique new socializing experience, much beyond drinking ! Find them on Ty-Reuz-Brest (Facebook) or rush to 21, rue Mathieu Donnart Brest, Brittany, where J.B., Arnaud and Julien will be delighted to let you try their selection of crafts beers !
"Les bières sont super bonnes et j'adore le concept ! Félicitations on reviendra très rapidement !!!"

La Maison Jaune in Quimper launched in May 2016 has rapidly become the "place to be" in Quimper for music and exhibitions, driving the whole Locmaria district up. Consumers enjoy an unbeatable choice of drinks, including some of the best locally brewed references. La Maison Jaune bursts with initiatives and projects. The Machine made it the flagship of the 21st Century bar ! Don't get behind... follow La Maison Jaune on Facebook @lamaisonjaunequimper.
"L'accueil, la bière, le concept, les concerts... C'est frais et c'est cool ! Merci d'être là !"

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